KO KINGS is a world wide premier boxing promotion company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The parent company for KO KINGS is Gladiator X Promotions, LLC. KO KINGS has promoted over 25 exciting boxing shows in the Southeastern United States. Although professional boxing is a classic sport, the vision for KO KINGS is utilize the internet to globalize its brand so that the fighters and sponsors will reap the benefits of having world wide exposure every fight. The next logical step for boxing is to create winning partnerships world wide by investing in young fighters and up and coming promotion companies. This will allow the classic sport of boxing the opportunity to benefit from new blood, new ideas, and new partnership and marketing opportunities. KO KINGS will lead the charge in a new era for professional boxing.
With over 50 years of combined experience, the key people that make this company a success are:

ADRIAN L. PATRICK - Attorney and CEO of Gladiator X Promotions, LLC. While maintaining a successful legal career as a litigator, Adrian L. Patrick has become an up and coming force in the boxing world.

MARK MURDOCK - Trainer and Owner of Total Package Boxing Gym in Douglasville, Georgia. Mark Murdock has trained Bert Cooper and Vinny Costello. Mark Murdock currently trains Undefeated Heavyweight Kevin Kingpin Johnson.